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Wed Dec 28 02:19:17 UTC 2005

Am Mi, den 28.12.2005 schrieb Bob Hartung um 2:49:

>    I have my FC4 system cleaned up. I have removed all of the "java" 
> group that is installed with anaconda because it was just too confusing 
> figuring out all the inter-connectedness [? a real word] of the parts of 
> java, jakarta, for this newbie.
>    I would like to install the sun version of java-1.5.0 with yum and 
> have downloaded the jpackage.repo package (from, commented 
> out all the sections except the last ' [jpackage-generic-non-free], and 
> tried to do the following:
>    yum --enablerepos=jpackage* install java-1.5.0

That will not work. Simply because Java can't be provided that way due
to Sun's license.

>    It returns with nothing to install.  There is no java installed at 
> present except for
>     gcc-java-gcj-compat-
>     java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-
> which as i understand it are compatibility files(?) for 1.4.2.
> My goal is to install a minimal java SDK to:
>    1.  run with tomcat4
>    2.  experiment and learn a little about java in general.

You touch a FAQ:

That nice article by Paul holds (nearly) all information you need.

> Bob


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