laptop wide display

Jamie Bohr jamiebohr at
Wed Dec 28 05:09:21 UTC 2005

I have a Dell M70 and have been fighting with getting the display set
correctly ever since I put FC3 on it.  It works great - kudos to the
developers - yet I can not see to get the wide screen to work correctly.

I used as a reference but since
it is in German I am guessing as to the configuration and the X config is
for Debian.  I tried the attached and I got about 2 inches of black space
around my monitor and when I scoll my mouse I get more screen - the screen
is to big to be shown ....

I have googled to death and have not found a refence I can understand.  I am
hoping someone on this list can point me to the magic reference.

Would installing FC4 address or make my problem easier?

Thank you,
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