Merging two rpms

Paul Smith phhs80 at
Wed Dec 28 13:57:54 UTC 2005

On 12/28/05, John Summerfied <debian at> wrote:
> > Is there some way of merging two rpms into a single one?
> Yeah.
> in %setup
> mkdir /tmp/sumware
> cd /tmp/sumware
> rpm2cpio <the first> | cpio
> # man cpio for the grotties
> rpm2cpio <the second> | cpio
> Now you have everything laid out in /tmp/sumware
> %build is a noop.
> %install rearranges the the binaries to suit your taste.
> Don't forget to adapt and mutilate the above using the appropriate rpm
> macroes and/or variables.
> I guess the sources are the initial rpms.
> Of course, I may well have misunderstood your question. If you're
> starting with two different sourc rpms the answer's quite different,
> likely more complex and reads, "It depends."
> Note the above technique works (with minor mods) starting with tarballs,
>    starting with an rpm that you want to change a little (but watch the
> gpm if you redistribute!), starting with an rpm for Some Other
> Distribution (you might wish to move stuff from /opt or change placement
> of some files to conform more closely to One True Way[tm]. It also works
> starting with Debian packages.
> In some cases you will need to fiddle with deps.

Thanks, John. Cannot one find a program to do all that procedure automatically?


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