Changing date with procmail

John Summerfied debian at
Wed Dec 28 14:05:19 UTC 2005

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Anyone know of a procmail recipe to change the date on incoming
> messages?
> If the date is in the future by more than 24 hours - I'd like to just
> change it to the current date.
> If the date is in the past by more than two weeks - I'd like to just
> change it to the current date.
> I'd like to do it in procmail - if someone knows how.
> I've done some searching, still have some to do.
> Found some stuff on extracting the date, but not on modifying it if
> necessary.

It seems to me that's a bit like altering the date on a cheque or 
old-fashioned paper missive.

You could always add your own X-Received-At: header and use that, but 
I'd leave the original date alone.

What say I say I wrote this letter at Wed, 28 Dec 2005 22:03:27 +0800, 
and you've tampered with the date in your copy, perhaps because it was 
delayed a week (it happens)?

The Received: headers give you a time trail. Leave Date: alone.



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