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jack craig jackc at
Wed Dec 28 16:22:23 UTC 2005

next find and check out the plugins! :)

i have learned the error of my ways with this approach, but will worry about
my sins later.

hell, it works for the king, why not me?! :-D

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>On 12/27/05, Jack Craig <jcraig at> wrote:
>>this approach may not be as elegant as the yum based install,
>> but ihave been updating FF versions as they come out, keep each in a
>> peer directory.
>> its true i have never tried installing a lower rev after up revev'ing,
>> but i would expect it should work.
>> one last detail, after the install, open the properties on the
>> FF launcher and make sure the path is to the new location,
>> not the last one.
>> hth,jackc...
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>> Subject:        Firefox for Fedora
>> I want to install Firefox 1.5 but Yum does not provide it. So I looked
>> for rpms on the net and found a few for Fedora, but none are in
>> Hebrew. Before I install from the oficial tarball, I have some
>> concerns that I would like some input on:
>> 1) If I install from the tarball, yum will no longer update Firefox.
>> Can I tell yum to maintain it anyway?
>> 2) I did locate and found that most ff files are in
>> /usr/lib/firefox-1.0.7/ . Can I just unpack the new 1.5 tarball in
>> /usr/lib/firefox-1.5/ and have them live side by side?
>> 3) I currently can type the command "firefox" in the command line to
>> start Firefox. Will this change to start 1.5 if I install them side by
>> side? If not, how do I correct it?
>> Thank you.
>> Dotan Cohen
>Thanks. Firefox 1.5 had no problems installing next to it's older
>version. I will update the launchers and keep the old FF in there.
>This was easier than I thought!
>Dotan Cohen

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