FireFox & Mozilla based Web Browsers

jack craig jackc at
Wed Dec 28 16:23:50 UTC 2005

if se linux is on, you might want to try runing it off...

Ali Helmy wrote:

>Hey lads,
>I've been trying for around a week now to run any browser to connect
>to the internet, but to no avail... Here is the full story:
>I have FC4 which I am keeping up to date daily using yum... I run
>KDE3.5, which is also up2date... I also got a DSL connection through
>my Network, which requires no proxy settings...
>When I run K's Konqueror, I log on and browse the net well, but the
>problem comes when trying to use FF... I've installed FF1.5, but it
>doesn't connect to the internet, it keeps on searching for the web
>page forever, and then gives me the "Page Timed-out" error... I tried
>Gnome's Epiphany, and it still did the same...
>Any suggestions?
>A. Helmy

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