problem with YAM

adel.essafi adel.essafi at
Wed Dec 28 16:53:37 UTC 2005

hi list
I am using a FC4 server as a grid master. I have to configure
some services. I succeded to install HTTP, TFTP,..........
But when trying to configure yam, I got this error (It does
bnot connect to the server).
can you help me to guess what the problem is 
thanks (in the end, I put my /etc/yam.conf file)

[root at localhost ~]# yam -uvv
Verbosity set to level 2
Using configfile /etc/yam.conf
Setting option srcdir in section [main] to: /var/rep
Setting option wwwdir in section [main] to: /var/www/html/rep
Setting option apt in section [main] to: yes
Setting option createrepo in section [main] to: no
Setting option yum in section [main] to: no
Setting option arch in section [myl3] to: i386
myl3-i386: Updating Fedora (i386)
Fetch packages from
cd `/linux/fedora/core/4/i386/os/Fedora/RPMS/' [Attente avant
reconnexion: 15]

[root at localhost ~]# cat /etc/yam.conf
srcdir     = /var/rep
wwwdir     = /var/www/html/rep
createrepo = no
apt        = yes
yum        = no

name       = Fedora (i386)
arch       = i386
os         =
updates    =
extras     = rsync://
localrpms  = file:///var/rep/myl3-i386/localrpms

name       = Hyper Middleware (i386)
release    = 1
hm         =

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