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Darlene Wallach wallachd at
Wed Dec 28 20:34:36 UTC 2005

Ali Helmy wrote:
> Thanks everyone, you really helped out... Specially your suggestion
> Mostafa, works very well...
> Thank you
> On 12/28/05, vl_grigorov at <vl_grigorov at> wrote:
>>Ali Helmy writes:
>>>Is there someway I can list all packages I currently have installed
>>>from the command line?
>>>A. Helmy
>>>fedora-list mailing list
>>>fedora-list at
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>>I think rpm -qa will be good for you.
>>Or may be:
>>rpm --qa |sort > ~/allpackages.list
>>to sort packages alphabetically and save the output in file allpackages.list
>>in your home directory.
>>Best regards
>>Vl. Grigorov
> --
> A. Helmy

You can also use yum to list installed packages, the list
is sorted.

yum list installed > ~/installedRPMs.txt

Yum has many nice features:
man yum

yum can tell you the packages that have updates:
yum list updates

yum can tell you all the available packages, including ones
that you do not have installed. The list will indicate which
packages are installed and if not installed which repro they
are in:
yum list all

yum can give you info on all the packages, installed and/or
yum info all
yum info available

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