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On 29 Dec 2005 05:06:39 -0000, Navdeep <singh_nav00 at> wrote:
> >>PS.
> >>He probably searched through the mailing list archives btw.
> >>
> >It's important to say what trouble he's taken. If he's serious about
> solving the problem, he will do some research and then tell us the results.
> >
> >I'm a little tired of people spoon-feeding people too lazy to help
> themselves.
> >--
> >Cheers
> >John
> I am sorry to say you john that i am stuck on this issue last 10 days on
> google , RPM builder book, and trollteck list, QTForum , even i ve tried to
> make mahkefile , spec file and try tio build the RPM , even install the RUST
> RPM builder to build the RPM . but even i am doing somthing wrong because of
> less knowledge of Linux operating system. tha major of linux which i know is
> QT and C++ .
> I dont want to write all this bullshit history and  not to waste your time
> that's whay i wrote my query in very short manner. If you are really
> interseted to help me then i can snd you my psec file to you. .
> I am bit confuced  on this issue (CREATE RPM) becase when i download some
> tar.gz or RPM  then this contains some of lib file .so, icons , makefile,
> readme, todo , binary files which directelly place at appropriate place .
> BUT I have my binary file and icons ,
> 1 wheteher i need othe file also or not ,
> 2 i chk through ldd command for share lib but it shows  too much lib file
> which i think not required for my small packege.
That being said, there is an rpm mailing list where you would have more
chance of finding what is wrong with your spec file or whatever.

rpmbuild has a couple of options that follow the build process of the spec
file up to one stage. check the man page
. google for maximum rpm, it is an outdated guide, but still works pretty

Otherwise, there is the 'rpm guide' book, but this one you would need to get
from a bookstore as is not freely available.
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