how to obtain version 05 of java jdk - SOLVED already

Bob Hartung rwhart at
Thu Dec 29 16:17:22 UTC 2005

Solved.  It always seems to happen that only after asking for help does 
Google reutrn the correct link.  This link below will take you to the 
jdk 1.5 version 5 download page at sun.;jsessionid=CD159E7DE482E4577397A4AB663C1C87

Thanks anyway.  sorry to waste your bandwitdh.


Bob Hartung wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I am attempting to rebuild Java for FC4.
> I have downloaded java-1.5.0-sun-1.5.0-05-1jpp.nosrc.rpm from
> I cannot find jdk-1_5_0_05-linux-i586.bin on the sun site.  All I can 
> find is the ..._06 version.  Can some one tell me how to obtain the 
> prior sdk version (05)?  Note:  There does not seem to be a -06 version 
> of the -1jpp.nosrc.rpm file on the jpackage site.
> Bob

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