Why questions don't get answered, or "No, I've already RTFM, tell me the answer!"

John Summerfied debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Thu Dec 29 23:48:48 UTC 2005

Charles Howse wrote:

>>Rumor has it that Google will search into the archives. Experience
>>bears out the rumors. (People who can tolerate Bugzilla also cite
>>using Google as a surrogate search engine for Bugzilla. That might
>>make that horrid, ugly, annoying tool (I'm being kind) almost
>>bearable, too.)
> Would you please give an example of a Google search through this list's
> archives? 

If I had a problem with vnc on FC then I'd likely google for
	vnc fedora
which would likely turn up hits on and off the list. I rarely search any 
list for anything because there's a lot of good info elsewhere, but the 
dirty old woman's idea is fine for searching the list archives.



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