Configuring DNS

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Dec 30 14:07:07 UTC 2005

>> Such settings can disappear if your dial-up/ISP-connect scripts
>> rewrite your resolv.conf file with name server addresses discovered
>> from your ISP.
>> If so, and you never want to use their's, you can configure your
>> dial-up script not to update the resolf.conf file.

Geoffrey Leach:
> Hmmm... nasty.  But not in my case.  FWIW I'm running satelite  
> broadband. Not only won't they rewrite resolv.conf, but if I tell their  
> tech support that I'm running Linux they won't talk to me!

The same applies whether dial-up or some other connection type.  It's
your connect scripts that you'd rewrite, nothing to do with getting them
(your ISP) to change their settings.

How do you connect?  Is it a command?  If so, see if it's a script, and
see what other files it refers to.  You should find something that lets
you customise things.

If it's your DHCP client script that resets your DNS servers, then
customise your DCHP client configuration file.

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