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Gerald Thompson geraldlt at
Fri Dec 30 15:20:48 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 14:53 +0000, Joao Paulo Pires wrote:
> Man pages - Each time I try get some help from man pages I get
> disappointed. Wich is the proper way to learn some more from console?
> If I call --help I just get confused. Am I dummy? I think the first
> way to learn should be the man pages. I can imagine this is a basic
> need for a newbie. TIA, Joao. 

Hi Joao;

When using man you can just type "h" to get to the help file, it is very
useful in learning the commands that are available to search through a
man page.

Try also typing man man		- the man page for man, gives suggestion on how
to search the man pages.

Here are a few places to start online: 	- search the man pages online in html 	- this one is really good actually

Now for learning, I get confused by man pages a lot too and in the end I
finally just buckled down and bought some books, here are a few titles
you might want to look at:

O'Reilly	LINUX In A Nutshell
O'Reilly	Running Linux

O'Reilly	Linux Network Administrator Guide
	- there is a version of this one on so you might not want
to buy it

Linux Essential Reference - by Ed Petron
	- this one is a lot like LINUX In A Nutshell so you might not want to
bother, I use it once in a while if I can't find it in LINUX In A
Nutshell first.

I am quite sure some other people will suggest better resources, but I
hope you find these ones useful.

Gerald Thompson <geraldlt at>

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