Gnome Nautilus Edit>Preference. 1. Default folder view. 2. Searching for files

Clive at Rational clive at
Fri Dec 30 15:45:19 UTC 2005

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If you do not have a problem with the Gnome search
tool, other than accessibility to it from Nautilus,
you can add the ability to call it from a right-click
menu in Nautilus.  Install Nautilus Actions, and
create an nautilus menu item for yourself.  I use one
with the following parameters:

Label:                            Search...
Tooltip:                          Search in directory
using Gnome find tool
Icon:                             gtk-find
Action Path:                      gnome-search-tool
Action Parameters:                --path=%d%f
Appears if selection contains:    Only folders

[ end quote ]

That worked and provides me with exactly the
functionality I want.



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