FC4 Pine replacement?

Chris Norman chris.norman4 at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 31 02:11:34 UTC 2005

In that case, I'd say that Pine is a better option because:
A: It can be used via SSH or Telnet, whatever's your preference.
B: I myself can't see the screen, and when I get a screen reader (speakup), 
the only one which works well is a command line screen reader which will not 
read the GUI. There is a gui screen reader for the GUI but it is unrelyable.

Also, in my experience (and I am by no means a techy or whatever), command 
line programs are a lot more stable than GUI ones.

There are my reasons for prefering Pine.

I'm not being funny? But what have Evolution and Thunderbird got over pine? 
Except that they are GUI?


Chris Norman
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On 12/31/05, Chris Norman <chris.norman4 at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Evolution crashes a lot... I don't know about thunderbird, is it command
> line?
> Sorry, but what is the point of using pine when one can use
> Thunderbird, Evolution, and so on? Has pine got something so special
> to make it your elected e-mail client?

No, Thunderbird is not command line driven. Look at:



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