OT: Personal Diary/Journal Software

Paul Lemmons paul.lemmons at tmcaz.com
Fri Dec 30 18:29:59 UTC 2005

It looks like such a program does not exist for Linux. I spent an
inordinate amount of time on freshmeat and sourceforge trying to install
what was there. Most were web based blogs which is not what I was
looking for. The ones that were workstation programs were either
impossible to compile/install due to dependencies on ancient releases of
various libraries and the like or did not have encryption. Most had not
seen activity in a very long time. I am guessing that this is an
application that is not too popular so receives little attention. 

I appreciate the responses that I did get. Thank you!

If anybody is out there actually using an application that works for
them I would still love to hear from you!

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 14:01 -0700, Paul Lemmons wrote:

> I am looking for a personal diary/journal package that will run under
> Linux (if I have to, I can use Open office but that is only a last
> resort). The simpler the better but it must have encryption built-in.
> Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 
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