FC4 Pine replacement?

steveo at syslang.net steveo at syslang.net
Fri Dec 30 19:01:24 UTC 2005

On Friday, Dec 30th 2005 at 17:53 -0000, quoth Paul Smith:

=>Sorry, but what is the point of using pine when one can use
=>Thunderbird, Evolution, and so on? Has pine got something so special
=>to make it your elected e-mail client?

Great question. I use pine because I do more with it than the basic four 
operation: read, compose, forward and reply. One thing you don't see too 
much is a bounce function. Pine does that. 

Pine does a passable job of displaying html as text, and frankly, it's 
rare that I have any desire to see all the pretty colors and fonts. Give 
me the text and let me get on to the next message thank you.

Also, pine provides Roles which I use extensively. Roles allows me to 
customize what my mail looks like depending on who I want to be. It can 
change the From: address, or the .sig file, or just about anything 
depending on how many different hats you wear.

Besides roles, pine has something called Rules which gives you fine 
controls over how different folders will appear when you view it. e.g., in 
most folders wyou want to see who the message is from except in the 
sent-mail folder where you want to see the To: more than the From:

And there really is a lot more stuff available there. Form letters, nice 
addressbook functionality, LDAP support... They did a good job on it.

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