FC4 Users? [added Eclipse and Tomcat comments]

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Fri Dec 30 22:48:36 UTC 2005

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>On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 09:11 -0800, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>> >-- 
>> Thanks for your input!
>> I was starting to wonder if it was worth keeping FC4 due to several
>> problems but I think I will keep it for now and wait for FC5 
>to become
>> stable, thanks to you!  I think I will try to solve the 
>current problems
>> with FC4 namely the Eclipse/Tomcat issue that I have been 
>fighting for
>> weeks now and it appears that the Fedora-Java mailing list 
>has been inactive
>> for several days...  must be the holidays.
>> Again, thanks for your input!
>> Kind regards,
>> Dan
>You are very welcome!!!  
>Keep me posted about eclipse and tomcat!  I have that on my 
>list as well, but I have not had the time to figure out how to make it
>work together.

Well, as of this time, the *fix* is not there yet.  I HAVE
gotten Eclipse / Tomcat to "work" but it is MANUAL at this
time because apparently this is caused by Eclipse itself
(and not necessarily by Fedora port because I tried the
Eclipse version directly and the problem is the same) but
it appears that somehow the WTP tomcat plugins are not finding,
translating, copying the files over properly to the .metadata
and Servers locations properly for which Tomcat needs before it
can even start.


  tomcat v5.5 Server @ localhost-config
  <<< missing required files >>>

And in the .metadata tree is missing:

        <<<< sometimes directories here get messed up >>>
          <<< missing or corrupted files >>>

So basically - the plug-ins are not able to locate the needed
files to properly construct the base files for which Tomcat
can proceed.  Since I have been using Eclipse for awhile on
Windows, I was able to compare Windows against Fedora and copied
files and updated to the proper locations, I was able to get the
Linux Eclipse to run and display my JSP application.  But the
minute that I attempt to run the 'Run As' and (re-)assign the
Tomcat to the JSP application - it removes my manual changes
and craps out. So the manual fix is repeated.  Makes for painful
development here :-))

Currently, there is no activity in the Fedora-Java group and it
must be due to Xmas/New Years vacation week.

Anyway - I *could* get the Eclipse sources and try to putter
around myself but it would take too long for me to even get
started so I am procrastinating figuring that the *professionals*
resolve this long before I do :-()

Kind regards,

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