GNome Un-install?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sat Dec 31 07:34:22 UTC 2005

John Pierce wrote:

>It would be useful if you could post the output of yum,
>>or the list of packages that were removed (you could look in
>>/var/log/yum.log). It may even be a bug in the yum dependency resolver.
>>But without the details, it's impossible to tell. If you have the
>>information, it would be very useful to packagers though.
>Okay!  I decided to see if I could help, I entered the following
>command and chose no so as not to trash one of my systems.
>yum remove gnome*<enter>
>below is the list of packages that would have been removed had I
>proceeded with the uninstall.
>Note, this is a clean install of Fedora 4 with all updates applied. 
>The only packages outside of the fedora stock install is xmms-mp3 and
>the mythtv suite.
The dependency shows GNOME 2.12 from nrpms. So this is pretty different 
from a stock installation.


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