Trying to boot Core 4 without a Monitor Attached

Chris Norman chris.norman4 at
Sat Dec 31 09:32:19 UTC 2005

How about putting the monitor back in, setting the initial runlevel (using 
/etc/inittab) to 3. This is what I have done (although I've never had the 
same problem as you) and it's quite happily sitting on my left, being 
controlled by SSH, with a network kable and a pair of speakers playing my 
music LOL.


Chris Norman
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I installed FC4 with KDE and used it as a desktop for a bit and now I
want to remove the monitor, mouse, and keyboard and use it as a server
for a short time while as I set up another system.

However, when I remove the monitor cable, the system does not boot --
it repeatable tries to access the CD every few seconds.  It boots with
the mouse and keyboard removed, and even if I power off the monitor.
Removing the monitor cable seems to cause the problem.

I would like to use the system as a desktop again later so I prefer not
to uninstall the KDE desktop.

Any ideas on what I can do to free up my monitor?


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