Installing on an AMD K6-2-350 (I GOOFED)

david david at
Sat Dec 31 15:35:39 UTC 2005

At 08:59 PM 12/30/2005, you wrote:
>david wrote:
> > I have an ancient machine that ran FC1 just fine.
>With how much RAM? If you don't have 256M or more you should probably
>avoid any but the lighter distros and WMs.
> > Should I discard the computer, or is there some magic boot parameter that
> > might work?
> > Or some alternate solution, since floppys are too small.
>I have many old systems, and most have various flavors of K6 CPU. I'd
>find out just how much CPU your motherboard supports (what motherboard
>is it?), then find the fastest one available that it will support,
>preferably (possibly after a BIOS upgrade) to a + flavor, such as K6/2+
>550 or a K6-III+ 450 or 500 (run at 550 or 600). The non-+ can go pretty
>cheap on eBay, and at this late date, even + shouldn't be that
>outrageous. The 2+ has improved performance over non-+, mostly via more
>cache. The III+ is for all practical purposes an Athlon for Socket 7.
>I had 2 systems given to me 2 weeks ago. One had a MVP4 chipset with
>K6/2-350 CPU, which I promptly changed to a K6/2-550 without needing a
>BIOS upgrade.


Problem is on my end.  I had mis-labelled my CDroms, and was booting 
Whitebox Linux 4 (supposedly a replica of RHEL4).  I'll seek help on the WB 

Fedora Core 4 boots up just fine from CDRom.



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