yum rpm removal afte 'yum localinstall *.rpm'

Bob Hartung rwhart at mchsi.com
Sat Dec 31 20:11:42 UTC 2005

Hi all,
   Been having problems with java.  Followed info on the Fedora site to 
make my own java- rpms with yum and then use the command to
install them on my test FC4.  The command was

   from within /home/test/rpmbuild/RPMS

      sudo yum localinstall *.rpm

   The command executed okay and properly filled all dependencies.  Java 
--version reports the proper version.  So far okay.  Got Tomcat4 
installed as required by the program I am testing.  It will not work 
with > 1.4.2 java.

   So I have removed Tomcat with yum.  Now how do I remove the list of 
java- rpms with yum.  I have tried a variety of command forms 
without luck.  Or do I have to try to remove them 1 by 1 with rpm -e?
Tried this too, however, and rpm reports a slew of dependencies that may 
take a lifetime (exagggeration somewhat!) to figure out.

   help appreciated.  I have tried to read the yum docs without much 

Thanks and a Happy New Year!


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