GNome Un-install?

Ali Helmy alihelmy at
Sat Dec 31 21:41:06 UTC 2005


John Pierce Wrote:
As I recall one item to be removed was the openoffice package

You got that write, and along with that, all of the KDE files were gone as
well... thing is, I did not use the command u listed, i used: # yum
groupremove gnome

However, I don't have gnome installed now, so I cant try the command any
time soon, but I have another machine that I have gnome on, and I'll try the
order again tom and list to you all what it says

On 12/31/05, John Pierce <john.j35 at> wrote:
> That is true, I will show you the same thing before the nrprms update
> of gnome, I have another fc4 machine to build first of this week.
> These hooks into gnome are scatttered all over the stock install.  As
> I recall one item to be removed was the openoffice package, why should
> that be hooked into gnome?
> John
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