is evolution really dependent on spamassassin?

John Summerfied debian at
Sat Dec 31 23:55:32 UTC 2005

Tim wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 11:01 -0500, Amadeus W. M. wrote:
>>I haven't checked, but I bet there must be a compile option in the
>>evolution source that allows you to disable spamassassin. If I really
>>wanted to get rid of spamassassin, I'd download the evolution src.rpm,
>>hack it, change the spec file and rebuild it. But probably not worth
>>the trouble.
> I'm considering it, because it's taking ages for filtering to complete
> (nothing elaborate, either), and I'm registering DNS look-ups for all
> the addresses in messages.  
> An undisabled spamassasin, despite my configuration options, is looking
> like the culprit.

If you can't disable the use of spamassassin, removing it will likely 
break E entirely.



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