FC4 (x)maple 9.5.2 "connection to kernel lost", java problem?

Gérard Milmeister gemi at bluewin.ch
Fri Jun 17 16:33:21 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 10:54 +0100, Des Johnston wrote:
> The java frontend to maple (9.5.2) that fires up with xmaple returns a
> "connection to kernel lost" and opens up a window which doesn't accept 
> input in FC4. Command line maple and the old-fashioned maple -cw 
> interfaces are still working fine in FC4. There are no problems in FC3.
> Has anyone found an FC4 workaround? Fiddling around with the built in java 
> vm in maple didn't offer any improvement for me.

Same here. Tried also with the latest jdk1.4.2. It seems that others
(SuSE) had the same problem before. It is probably a problem of the
combination of kernel and java.
Gérard Milmeister
Langackerstrasse 49
CH-8057 Zürich

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