Where does Evolution store all of its data?

The_Eye_In_The_Sky syiwabhairawa at yahoo.com.sg
Sun Jun 19 16:41:46 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 15:35 -0500, Jonathan Berry wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just installed FC4 to my internal hard drive and mistakenly told the
> installer to format my home partition.  Oh well, that's what backups
> are for, right?  I do have a backup and have been restoring things
> selectively instead of just restoring the whole thing.  Since FC4
> moves to a new version of Gnome, I thought that it would be better to
> re-customize anything I wanted to change from the defualts than give
> it all the old configs.  But I really would like to have Evolution
> come back with all my mail, accounts, calendar, etc.  Unfortunately,
> Evolution seems to keep some stuff in more directories than just
> .evolution/.  Like I have found that there is a .gconf/apps/evolution/
> directory.  Even copying both of those directories over,

Strange, I moved around and rsync between installation of Fedora Core
2-3-4, Java Desktop System R2, Ubuntu hoary, Solaris SPARC, all i have
to do is just to move the "~/.evolution" directory. No more, no less.

The only difference is with Fedora Core 1 and Java Dekstop System R1,
they use older evolution "~/evolution" and different mail folder scheme.

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