New to Linux - Filesystem formatting.

Patrick Luk pluk at
Mon Jun 20 23:46:54 UTC 2005

1) I'm doing tests on ext3 and vFat (is vFat ntfs??? I though it was FAT32).
Right now, ext3. Can you tell me on both what I can do? 

2) Cool! 


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On 6/20/05, Patrick Luk <pluk at> wrote:
> 1)      What can use to redo my fdisk (partition) of disk? I've created a
> gig of a 250 gig hard drive for RAID testing purpose and which to 
> increase it now.
What format is that partition? fat can be resized, but ext cannot -
PartitionMagic is the only one for resizing ntfs

> 2)      To format it, do I use make2fs? It seems this is for few
> format. Is it different tool depending the filesystem?
try using parted, or the gui qtparted - you can get this on the bootable


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