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Re: Upgrade to FC4 from FC3 without having to re download and then burn cds and recreate partition?

Jared Buck wrote:
On Tue, 2005-05-31 at 15:59 -0400, Sam Johnson wrote:

I am very excited about the soon release of Fedora Core 4.  However, I
want to upgrade from Fedora Core 3 in an easier way than doing the
procedure that is required for the first install you do, downloading
all of the ISOs, then burning them to discs, and then use Disk Druid
to erase partition (and all of my lovely data) and recreate it.
I hear of alot of people saying that they upgraded, and am curious
about how it is done.

Thank you,
Sam Johnson

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Upgrading's fairly easy.  When you install, FC4's installer will detect
a prior installation on your computer, and ask you if you want to
upgrade or reformat and do a clean install.  when you pick update, it
will copy only those packages needed to make FC3 turn into FC4,
retaining all your data without erasing :)

If you don't want to burn to CD, you can do a hard drive install,
although I'm not sure how that would be done, I've never done a HD
install before, and I'd like to do that for upgrading to FC4 so I don't
have to waste precious CD-Rs.

Can anyone enlighten me on how I'd do a hard drive install/upgrade to
FC4 when it comes out?

If you have a partition that will not be used for the installation, you make a directory and then download the iso images into that directory. When you start off the installation with linux askmethod or use the boot ISO, you give the partition and the directory where you downloaded the iso files to. I believe that I burned the first CD and used it to boot and start the installation.

There might be a how to on either fedora.redhat.com or one of the helpful hints sites that will give a step by step account of the process.



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