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Re: web multimedia procols.

Claude Jones wrote:
On Tuesday 31 May 2005 7:46 pm, John Mahowald wrote:

On 5/31/05, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

The link was similar to this.


Try opening the link in a video player like totem.

That's not going to work unless she installs the Windows Media codecs. Try the mplayer site for more info on how to get that working

First, honest mistake, not all Robins are girls. My wife would be in for a shock. :) Of course I know a few and I still get mail addressed to Ms. Mrs. etc.

I have the codecs installed and tried to open them in mplayer by using the url. It didn't want to work. I will play with it some more.

I would like to have them open with either mplayer plugin or something within mozilla. I was looking for the mime type to do this as well. It would be easier as these are part of a bigger package and the links are provided as part of the lesson.

I may have dones something wrong as it was close to the end of the working day.

I will give the various tools a try with the URL as I have some time today.

I did take the time to email the providers of the packages and complain as one of the software packages that I am trying to learn is Linux based.

Robin Laing

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