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Re: Filesystem full

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 07:13 -0700, LG wrote:
> Hai all..
> I have got a problem with my system....when i issue the command df -h.
> Its shows / partition to be 100% used, where in actual case it is not
> so....what could be the problem.I am not abe to write any thing in to
> the disk because of this.This problem happened when i tried to mount a
> cd-rw. Before also I have faced similar problem in Redhat Hat
> Enterprise Linux 3...but that time there was no cd-rw.If any one knows
> a solution for this the plese do post.....Thanks in advance.

Perhaps a copy of the output of a df -h would help? 

What have you done to verify that the space isn't actually being used?

First thing you should do is examine the partition with the du command
to see if it is in fact full.

Try this: du -kx / | sort -rn | more

Check out any files/directories that seem unusually large.


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