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Re: Upgrade to FC4 from FC3 without having to re download and then burn cds and recreate partition?

And then how do I install from the ISOs?

The HTTP install seems less time?

On 6/1/05, Basil Copeland <blcjr2 gmail com> wrote:
> On 5/31/05, Sam Johnson <johnsonsamc gmail com> wrote:
> > So, all I have to do is download the FC4 boot.iso, burn it, boot from
> > the disc, and then what?
> >
> > Also, someone mentioned a hard drive install.  Seems like a good
> > idea... How does that work?
> >
> You will still have to download the ISO's for a hard drive install.
> The only real advantage is that you avoid burning the iso's to cd's,
> and the feeding and reading of the cd's during the upgrade.  You'll
> need to be able to access the hard drive, of course, either locally or
> remotely.
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