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Re: web multimedia procols.

Robin Laing wrote:

I have the codecs installed and tried to open them in mplayer by using the url. It didn't want to work. I will play with it some more.

I would like to have them open with either mplayer plugin or something within mozilla. I was looking for the mime type to do this as well. It would be easier as these are part of a bigger package and the links are provided as part of the lesson.

I may have dones something wrong as it was close to the end of the working day.

I will give the various tools a try with the URL as I have some time today.

I did take the time to email the providers of the packages and complain as one of the software packages that I am trying to learn is Linux based.

Well I tried videolan client, xine and mplayer but none would work. I didn't get any messages from any of the links.

 mplayer mms://trog.ni.com/ni/webevents/lv/lv_datastorage_fast.wmv
 xine mms://trog.ni.com/ni/webevents/lv/lv_datastorage_fast.wmv

Now I don't know if I have an issue with firewalls or serverside restrictions. At least xine gave me a message that xine failed to open the mrl.

More testing.

Robin Laing

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