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Wireless suggestion - tired of madwifi

I recently posted about problems I was having with Madwifi. It was a horrible struggle to set it up under FC1, and now I'm going nuts again after installing FC3. I am not particularly happy with an 802.11A network anyway. My working distance from the access point is only a few feet.

So, I'm thinking of canning the current setup and going to an 802.11B or G setup.

My question for the list - is there a PCMCIA 802.11B or G card that will work with Fedora Core RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX? In other words, I want to just plug it in and configure it using the built in network configuration tools of fedora, with out having to compile or make or any other such stuff. I used to enjoy that stuff, and actually make my living doing it, but just simply don't have time for it right now. I need a working laptop now.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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