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Re: FC3 Swedish keyboard mapping incorrect, how to fix?

On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 08:15:13 +0200, Bo Berglund
<bo berglund telia com> wrote:

>I am using a Swedish keyboard on FC3 and I just found out where I
>could change the key mappings to Swedish from the US mapping thta was
>used by FC3.
>But now I have discovered that the key mappings are incorrect!
>In fact there is no way I have found to enter characters like $ and \
>anymore. These foreign characters are mapped on a Swedish keyboard to
>the right hand Alt key plus 4 and + respecively. But when I use these
>combinations nothing happens!
>So how are you supposed to enter £ $ \ { } [ ] | @ in FC3 when you use
>a Swedish keyboard?
>I suppose this is a problem also for German key layouts where there
>are a lot of national characters on the main map.

On the VirtualPC list I received advice that the VPC manager is
capturing the Right-Alt as a "Host key" which has functions to move
mouse control back to the host operating system among others.
Advice was to change this host key mapping to Right-Ctrl or similar.
I thought that I should mention it also here for any future thread

Bo Berglund

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