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Re: Intermittent sshd issue

On 5/4/05, Mike Klinke <lsomike futzin com> wrote:
> OK, you have a machine with two NIC cards.  Intermittantly, when you
> log in to the machine, from any other machine, via ssh via either
> NIC card you get the error message?

Yes, this is correct.

> What is your method of authenticating, shadow, NIS, LDAP?


> Are you using hosts.deny, hosts.allow?  If so, tell us about the
> contents of these files?

No, we're not using these.

> Is your sshd configuration an "out of the box" configuration?

Yes - it's the package that comes with FC1 (OpenSSH_3.6.1p2).

> Have you noticed DNS problems with this machine too?


> Are they any notes in your syslog file at the time of the problem?

Nothing. Nothing in /var/log/secure either.

> Next time you start sshd add "-ddd" to give you more debug info.

I've enabled this and will post back with the error next time it goes wrong.

Many thanks for your help, and sorry for the late reply.

-- Alex

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