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Re: web multimedia procols.

Claude Jones wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:
| Claude Jones wrote:
|| On Tuesday 31 May 2005 7:46 pm, John Mahowald wrote:
|| ||| On 5/31/05, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
||| |||| The link was similar to this.
|||| |||| mss://www.someserver.com/multimedia/thisfile.wmv
||| ||| Try opening the link in a video player like totem.
|| || || That's not going to work unless she installs the Windows Media
|| codecs. Try the mplayer site for more info on how to get that
|| working | | First, honest mistake, not all Robins are girls. My wife would
| be in for a shock. :) Of course I know a few and I still get
| mail addressed to Ms. Mrs. etc.
| .......snip
| I have the codecs installed and tried to open them in mplayer
| by using the url. It didn't want to work. I will play with it
| some more. | --
| Robin Laing

Sorry bout that, Robin - I've had indifferent success with mplayer
and the codecs, but I have gotten them to work. The results can be
a bit frustrating because they don't always work - suppose it's
version dependent or something. I've always done it in conjunction
with Kaffeine, but that's not the only way, according to what I've

Claude Jones
Levit & James, Inc./WTVS
Leesburg, VA, USA

I work with video at home and work and have mostly great success with mplayer. The only issue I have had is with damaged files that won't play. The files will in many cases play in xine though.

I am going to try to with a (yuck) windows machine to see if there is a firewall issue on the corporate network or server side restrictions.

Robin Laing

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