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Re: System suddenly slowed down...

At 8:31 AM +0300 6/2/05, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>On 6/1/05, Thomas Cameron <thomas cameron camerontech com> wrote:
>> Probably no logs.  Are you saying that the machine is instantly
>> unusable?  That is really odd.  Maybe you should leave top running all
>> the time?
>> Thomas
>No, I do have a minute or two before it goes unusable. As Robin
>suggested, I wil go in and perform top as soon as I see any sign of
>slow down. In any case, I will start to familiarize myslef with top.
>I have absolutly no experience in shell scripting, but if I wanted to
>write a script that would run top once every x seconds and write the
>output to a log, which commands would I need? I'l go digging myself
>and try to write it, but a hint as to what's available would be
>helpful. I do have a little experience in php, so there is some hope.

In a terminal type:

top -bd 30 > topout.txt

which will cause top to run in batch mode and delay 30 seconds each time.
Nothing will show in the terminal.  Press ^C when you want it to stop.  You
could detach (&) the command but then it would be harder to stop, and new
terminal windows are easy to make.  The file will have lots of copies of a
full top list, giving you some history to work from.
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      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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