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Re: OS recommendations/Aging software issues

Thanks for all the great info.  I think my solution is to see what contracts we do have; I found out that we *may* have bought 'Enterprise' Red Hat a while back. Therefore maybe we can update that and get on RHEL 3 or 4 or whatever, which would be great to get the OS part of the deal handled. 

The last thing I want is to set up a box like this and get into a situation where maybe the software is indeed up to date, but the OS version has been shelved for years, no new security fixes for anything and therefore the 'security' box is easily compromised, etc. 

Then there is the friggin' software.  Symantec's site is pretty dicey about what versions run with what, apparrently there are serious incompatibility issues if you don't do your homework.  Whitebox is, I have heard, kind of fading away now and merging with something else (centos?).  Running CentOS without any support seems a tiny bit scary when compared to the unknown especially for a box like this that is gonna get clobberred by God knows what kinds of traffic.  But OTOH -- it's better to have it deployed than not! 

For the heck ofit I will post at least one more update as to what happens.  This just shows what kind of sluggishness the govenment has (US Navy in this case).  A lot of it is gonna depend on contractual stuff as well as what vendor support says on the issue. 

Thanks again,

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