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Re: Fonts messed with new "freetype" upgrade

Kazutoshi Morioka wrote, On 06/02/2005 03:13 AM:
It's a new freetype package from DAG's repository.
Please report to freshrpms mailing list:

Yes, this thread reports the same problem:
and suggests going back to old (original FC3) version until the problem is resolved. Have to install the original freetype-devel (first) and then the main freetype rpm's from CD using "rpm -Uvh --oldversion rpmfilename" Dag and others also recommend excluding the freetype and freetype-devel until the problem is resolved. Thanks for pointing me to this. Fonts now "good" again!

On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:53:26 -0400 Gene Smith <gds chartertn net> wrote:

I had great fonts in Firefox with FC3. Today I did a yum update and new freetypes package was installed. Fonts look bad now and can't seem to get good ones back. (Of course "great" and "bad" are subjective.) My fonts were set (I think) to Bitstream Sans/Serif. Tried others on list (Luxi, etc) and still not good. Now they are wide-spaced and not as dark. Any idea where my "good" fonts went or how to get them back?

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