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Re: sync'ing & editing Palm device data under FC3

On Saturday 28 May 2005 08:16 pm, Thomas Tschoellitsch wrote:
> How could I sync a Palm device under FC3? Apparently there's no
> version of the original HotSync Manager (although it might work using
> WINE, which I haven't tried yet).
> Aside of purely sync'ing I'd be interested in editing my data, too. So
> if there was something similar to Palm Desktop for FC3/ that you could
> recommend, please do.
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I use Kpilot with my Palm Tungsten E.  You can also use gnome-pilot, if you 
use GNOME.  They will sync to Kontact or Evolution respectively.  

Kpilot has a viewer for the pdb files where you can edit the databases 
manually rather than through a PIM suite.  Don't know if gnome-pilot has the 
same feature, since I don't use it.

Jeff Lee

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