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Re: Japanese Input with iiimf

Mark Sargent wrote:
Jens Petersen wrote:


On that page, it talks about locales. And, it seems to me, to use the input tool, u gotta be in Japanese locale, to use J. Have I misunderstood it.?

This is no longer true with modern Input Methods like iiimf. You can switch to Japanese even if you running iiimf with LANG=en_US.UTF-8 say using the gnome panel applet. Though if you want always to input in Japanese by default, you could for instance set


say in "~/.i18n".

And, just in case, although I doubt it, that someone who wrote the faq is reading, that's a terrible faq..It speaks to you as if you are a techy person, right off the bat. An avergae user would be stumped, to say the least.

Thanks for the feedback - suggests on how to improve it are welcome. :)


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