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Re: Fostering Cooperation (was Yum and EXTRAS)

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 09:47, Robin Laing wrote:
> > 
> > The real problem is that the 3rd party repositories (freshrpms, DAG,
> > etc.) existed long before the fedora project, providing updates for
> > RH versions that otherwise would have required a subscription to
> > obtain automatically along with additional packages.  Then the
> > fedora repository used different conventions.  If the 3rd party
> > sites change conventions, their existing users will at best have to
> > download everything touched again and at worst, have broken systems.
> I do agree with you to a point.
> But with a new release (FC4), why not support the newer version as the 
> main site.

There are systems around that have been 'yum upgrade'ed from a RH 7.x
base.  It's not supported or recommended, but people have their reasons
for doing it.

> Any third party site could (should) work with the 
> distribution method of the release and work as seamlessly as possible. 
>   They should also try to work together as some are so they don't 
> duplicate packages and/or their packages are mutually compatible.

That implies a single point of control, which can't really happen
and would not be a good thing if it did.

> It is a pain to install from one repository only to find that you 
> cannot update from a different repository or even from the fedora core 
> site.  This is one of those issues about multiple repositories that 
> has burned me.  No site should require the installation of a package 
> that prevents the upgrading from another site.

Agreed, but what if a package you want needs a core library rebuilt
with different compile options that make it incompatible with
other packages.

> In general, I prefer the move to Extras as it makes it easier for a 
> basic install.  Then use yum or preferred method to install the 
> packages wanted.

As long as nothing needs conflicting options and the contents you
want have no legal questions in any location...

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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