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Re: new email server

> On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 05:00, Gary Stainburn wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> I'm looking at replacing my aging RH7.3+Exim 3 + Sophos + home-grown
>> scripts with a FC3+Exim 4+ Sophos + whatever.
>> I'm looking at virus and SPAM filtering.  Can anyone suggest good
>> configs and options.
> Sendmail has always worked well for me.  But there are several very good
> MTAs out there that you can choose from.
> Regardless of the MTA I recommend you implement greylisting and
> spamassassin to take care of the spam.  This combination will nail
> almost 100% of spam coming into your system.  And the benefit of
> greylisting is that it will reduce the resources used on your box for
> spam detection to a negligible level.
> And for virus detection I have heard clamav is what you want to use.

I suggest you look at MailScanner + SpamAssassin + the virus scanner(s) of
your choice.  MailScanner integrates with sendmail/postfix/exim and will
automagically call SpamAssassin and the installed virus scanners. 
MailScanner supports most major scanners.

I personnally use ClamAV (a super open source app) along with F-Prot and
MicroTrend.  MailScanner includes scripts to check the virus scanner
websites for updates on regular intervals.  It's interesting to see which
one is updated first when there's a virus outbreak.

If you really want to be thorough you can also install pyzor and razor. 
SpamAssassin will use those if they're installed.

This setup is surprising easy to install.

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