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Web Content Input and Suggestion for Open Source Community Web Page

I'm a linux systems/programmer analyst. I also host and design web

Like you, I'm dedicated to the Open Source Community.

I have setup a website for linux configuration pages, which you have
tested and work.

Also content to be considered for display would be webmaster code,
system level coding configuration, programming examples that work.
Basically, content will have a probably answer to the questions posted
in the forum. Also other forums will be able to ad content.

It's important for you to realize that this website is intended for use
by all linux and open source people. This means that if you have some
content included in this website, you grant me the privilege of putting
this content on the website for the general benefit of the linux and
open source system administrators, programmers, and users.

The main site is: http://www.computerperceptions.net

Although I don't have a link to this particular content of the website,
I will post a drop down box on the main page to link to any content I
put up myself or is provided freely by others.

For example, I took this vsftpd configuration file, wrote a c program to
add a <br> to the end of each line, so it can be copy and pasted into a
subsection html file.

The link to this is:


If you would like to post content, email me directly, an attached file,
preferably in plain text format, easier to convert to html.

I will review your submission, and if it views merit will post on the

I appreciate your time and any feedback, or content that you may wish to


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