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Re: Trying to load Fedora 3 on a gateway computer

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 10:09 -0500, David Ganger wrote:
> Hi, I am a newbie at linux and want to install it on a 950mhz,
> nevertheless i burned an iso disk from the download server and have
> tried to get it to boot on a 40 gig hard drive. Instead it doesn't do
> anything and just sits there or locks up. Any ideas on what is going
> wrong would be appreciated. I don't know if the iso disks are bad or
> what is going on. I also have the computer booting from the cd first.
> Thanks

When your computer is booting initially with the CD-ROM are you seeing
any messages on the screen or are you locking up immediately after the
post?  Is your CD-ROM being accessed at all? 

What program did you use to make the cds?  Did you copy the iso on to
the CD? or did you make cd from the iso image?

Rik Thomas <rikt rikt org>

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