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Re: Multi boot with Fedora, XP, and second Linux distro

Claude Jones wrote:
I have a dual-boot box with XP on my primary drive and FC3 on the second; I would like to add one, and perhaps two additional distros. I have been researching multi-boot but keep turning up pages that are really old. Is this something that is simple to explain for one of you, or can someone point me to a more up to date howto? I'm thinking of adding FC4 and perhaps Mepis on the box.

The way I multiboot a system is with installing grub on seperate boot partitions for each distro.

After you install all of the distros bootloaders into their boot partition, you would chainload each distro boot from the controlling distribution which is installed in the MBR.

There are details in this lists archives that are not too ancient. The earlier postings were more in depth to procedure and examples.


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