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Re: sticky directory

Hi Olivier

> as far as i know is /dev/shm a default with rh and fc...
> its a "ramdisk" (in lack of better terms...)

A ramdisk of 512mb?  Isn't that a bit far-fetched of FC?  I mean sure I got 
1024Mb of Ram but that's not for it to be wasted on a Ramdisk that isn't used 
by anyone.

ok after further investigation I see this in fstab

/dev/shm	/dev/shm	tmpfs	defaults	0	0

Can I remove this line?  Who is using this tmpfs?  What is it function?  I 
mean I have a swap partition as well

LABEL=SWAP-sda5	swap	swap	defaults	0	0

Kind regards

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