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Re: Is it possible to perform an FC 3 install without a CD ?

Fabrice Beauvir wrote:

hi all,
I am unable to install FC3 without a CD/DVD drive.

I 'd created 2 floppy , one for boot install , one containing net drivers.
I 'd setup an HTTP dir named "Fedora" containing:
- base from cd1
- RPMS from 3 cds
- disk1 containing cd1, disk2 containing2 cd2, disk2 containing2 cd2 (as indicated in red hat install manual)

I boot, and ask for an HTTP install.
It retrieve base/stage2.img and I got this :" FC installation tree in that directory does not seem to mach your boot media"

I notice (using crt-alt-3 screen) that anaconda try to acces to a CD drive ("Unable to iddentify CD-ROM format')

So I haven't any net acces (in order to get RPM from mirrors) and no CD drive in my pc .

Were I am wrong ?

If you have enough bandwidth, I'd recommed to download the DVD image, which contains the whole install immage in one directory hierarchy.

The way you did it should work, too. Actually you simply have to copy the first cd to the disk and copy the rpm files from the other CDs to the RPMS directory.

Another reason could be that you have misspelled the URL. A trailing slash or a missing slash at the end of the URL might also cause the installation to fail.

greets Boris

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