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Re: SiS Video not recognised

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 10:26 +0100, Ashley Kitson wrote:
> Having checked elsewhere and drawn a blank, I hope I might get some help
> here :-)
> I've just bought a new PC, which has a Foxconn motherboard running AMD
> Sempron and integrated SiS (741 series) video controller.  When Fedora 3
>  installed and on subsequent delves into "system settings-display" it
> autorecognises the video card as NVIDIA GeForce FX (Generic).
> The problem with this is that I cannot use the screen saver as the
> screen freezes after about 10 minutes of inactivity and the only
> solution is a hard reset.  So I'd like to try the SiS driver.
> However..., The SiS driver doesn't work.  I've read the Xorg spec sheet
> for the sis driver and selected the SiS 315 (being the correct series
> for the 741 chip).  When the X system tries to re-initialise, it does
> not recognise the hardware.
> I've included X output below and would appreciate any help
> Kind regards
> Ashley

The sis driver supports the chipsets listed in the Xorg.0.log output and
yours is not one of those.  The chipset is likely one of the geforce
chipsets as it is autodetected as a GeForce FX 5200.

I assume, although you did not say, that the original driver in the
xorg.conf file was the "nv" driver.

Your 'freeze'  after a short time is typical of using gl screensavers on
a system with a 2d only driver and the gl screensavers need a 3d driver.

A fix might be to go to www.nvidia.com and download and install the
'nvidia' drivers and install them.  The nvidia driver does have 3d
support and fixed my problem with the freezing when using random
screensavers and the generic 'nv' driver.

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