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DHCP and resolving names on the internal network

Hi list,

I'm in charge of managing a network with a half of a hundred Windows
workstations. I have one machine running Fedora linux as a network
firewall and proxy server (squid), all workstations going out to the
Internet through it. I also have another server (ISC dhcpd) on my
network asigning unique IP addresses to workstations when they boot up.

When squid logs, it cannot determine the names of the computers accesing
the Internet, because it has no way to resolve their names from their IP
addresses. I guess i have to run a DNS server (bind that comes with
Fedora) in my local network and tell squid to use that server to resolve
the names.

Now, when a workstation gets an IP address, DNS server will have to
update the record for that IP address based on the name of that
workstation, which could be different from the former one.

I guess i know what i want, but don't know *how* to do it. Any help
would be highly appreciated.



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